Friday, May 21, 2010

Pictures Speak a Thousand Words

This is a sonogram picture of Kaden taken on March 29, 2010. He is about 8.5 weeks old. We had so many sonograms during this pregnancy, yet we never got any pictures for ourselves until the very last one, in which you could hardly even tell that he was there. I figured that I had another appointment in a week and I would be able to get a better picture then, but a few days later he was gone. I was able to get a CD from the hospital with all my sonogram pictures on it from the two formal ultrasounds I had done, but this is the only good shot of him.

This is a photot of the garden angel that sits where Kaden is buried. My mom has since added a wood sculpture of a little angel boy holding a puppy that she had that she says makes her think of Kaden.

This is the lily plant that we have also sitting where he is buried in memory of the lily that is resting with him. My mom is looking for the perfect pot to plant it in. Lilies have always been my favorite flower and now they have even more meaning for me.

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